Nuk Genius Silicone Dummy Pink – 18-36 months

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Nuk Genius Silicone Dummy Pink – Size 3. Please note this dummy is not personalised.

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Description: A Personalised dummy helps to prevent and avoid the loss of dummies as well as possible exchanges among the children.

These dummies are characterized by exceptional quality and durability.

Genius Dummy NUK

Genius dummies are made from soft-flex silicone, which is extremely flexible yet still bite resistant. Strengthened contour webs improve the dummies’ strength and safety. The NUK Air System also helps to ensure the mouthpiece remains soft and flexible, and the integrated grooves enable saliva to flow away from baby’s mouth, avoiding skin irritations to the area.

Sterilise using steam or cold water sterilisation (dishwasher and microwave sterilisation is not recommended as this can cause material damage).

BPA (Bisphenol A) free.




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